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   Welcome to the HAB'S Custom Plugs website!

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   HAB'S Plugs are handcrafted from the finest woods and use the best hardware components. Every plug is sanded for a smooth finish showing no wood grains and use the best available paints for a hard, durable finish that will last. HAB'S uses VMC hooks on each plug because they are known for their sharpness and strength right out of the box. When you purchase a HAB'S Plug you can be assured you are getting a time-tested, proven product. HAB'S Plugs Out Last, Cast and Catch the Rest!

HAB'S Sand Eel Needle Plugs- 5kb   In 2004, HAB'S Custom Plugs celebrates its 10th Anniversary and with that many surprises, new plug introductions, and merchandise. One such plug is the HAB'S Sand Eel Needle Plug! This plug weighs 1.25 ounces, is slightly narrower in profile from a HAB'S 1.5 ounce Needle Plug, and carries the same HAB'S quality you would expect. This plug was tested exclusively this past year in places like Cape Cod and Rhode Island. This plug will be available in LIMITED RUNS for 2004, so stay tuned to this website for further details.

HAB'S - 32kb   After over 2 years of research and testing, HAB'S is proud to introduce for 2004 the HAB'S Elite Series. The Elite Series will include the Elite Hab-let Swimmer, Elite Needle Plug, and Elite Cow Killer Swimmer. Each plug in the Elite Series will be available in VERY LIMITED RUNS. Colors include many of the colors already made famous on plugs such as the HAB'S Needle Plug, Squid Poppers, and Lil' Trouble Poppers with additional new colors to be unveiled. Go check out the Plugs Page for details on the new HAB'S Elite Series!

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